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Stove Accesories

We stock a great range of Fireside accessories such as Fire guards, Companion Sets, Log baskets, Coal buckets and Hods, Stove Gloves, Stove Thermometers, Wood Moisture Metres, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Stove fans and Briquette Makers. 

We can provide replacement heat resistant stove glass for almost any make or model of stove (template may be required). 

A full range of spare parts for any of the stoves we sell are available to order from our extensive range of suppliers. 

We also stock a variety of Installation materials such as Fire rope, Fire cement, Flue cement, Stove Glass Cleaner, Stove Polish, Heat Resistant Stove Spray, Flue and Chimney cleaner, Heat resistant silicone and heat resistant rope glue.  

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