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Fireline Stoves

Designed in the UK, Fireline stoves offer a wide range of woodburning and multifuel inset stoves with a simple design that can be adapted to both traditional and contemporary settings. The Fireline stoves range incorporate high efficiency and ease of use while being appealing to the eye and kind to the environment with most models being DEFRA approved.

Constructed from 5mm and 8mm laser profiled and seam welded steel the Fireline stoves range are strong and built to last. With a draught controlled tertiary air system and powerful effective airwash all the stoves in the Fireline range boast efficiency’s of over 78%.

Starting with the FX and FP multifuel stoves, Fireline offers these in various outputs to suit a range of room sizes. The smallest in this range are FX4 and FP4 which can be up to 82.4% efficient when burning solid fuel. Rated at 4kw output this petite yet powerful stove can take a log up to 12″ in length.


If you are looking for something a little warmer, the range also offers 2 standard sized 5kw free standing room heaters with the FX5 and FP5 and this year they have also introduced a wider model the FX5W with a larger viewing glass for those who want the effect of a larger fire but do not require the additional heat this can produce.


For those with larger areas to heat the FX8 and FP8 provide up to 8kw of heat and are up to 81% efficient, they have the same simple design as the 4kw and 5kw stoves with a large viewing glass and easy to use controls.

Fireline also offer a fantastic range of limestone and granite hearths and surrounds which are made to fit their stoves perfectly and conform to current building regulations allowing the required distance around the stove for effective performance.

Fireline offer some great value stove and surround packages which also look fantastic. Please contact us for current prices and details.


For those who are stuck for space or have a standard builders opening which they do not wish to make larger, Fireline offer a stunning range of inset stoves, the Fpi5 5kw is available with a 3 sided or 4 sided frame and fits a standard builders opening. The large glass front offers a fantastic view of the fire and they boast high efficiency plus excellent controllability.

The FPi8 is ideal for larger rooms and has all the same features but with a larger fire box.

Fireline FPi8, 8kw stove with 4 sided frame, floating in wall.

If you prefer a more sleek, contemporary look Fireline also offer a wide glass fronted 5kw model, The FGi5W or a tapered back model for easy installation.

North Wales Stoves are an authorised retailer for Fireline stoves and have a large selection of the range available to view at our showroom. For further information contact North Wales Stoves Ltd on 01745 822344 or email

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