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The exciting new range of fires and stoves from Nordpeis

For over 30 years, Norwegian company Nordpeis have been incorporating their heritage and time honoured traditions into their products. With their vast experience of keeping warm during the long winter nights, icy winds and especially with the heavy snowfall, Nordpeis stoves and fires have been designed to warm a special place in your heart and your home.

The Nordpeis range of contemporary stoves is currently comprised of four main brands – the ME, Uno, Duo and Quadro. Each one of the striking, wood-burning stoves available will add a stunning and unique focal point to your home and room.

  • The ME range consists of eye-catching and original cylindrical bodies with a circular viewing window. There are various mounting options for the ME, including wall and ceiling, pedestal, steel or glass log-store stand and a bench with drawers. Each stove has a nominal heat output to room of 5.8 kW and the option to add a side viewing window to complement the spectacular frontal flame picture.

  • The Uno 1,2 and 4 contemporary wood-burning stoves offer you a choice of pedestal or log store base, with a further choice of front or side access to the log store. Each of the Uno stoves offer a nominal heat output to room of 4 kW alongside front and side viewing windows so that the flame picture can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room.

  • The Duo 1, 2, 4 and 5 contemporary wood-burning stoves offer the same spectacular firebox throughout, with the option of a pedestal or log store base. The Duo 1,2 and 4 all have additional side viewing windows whilst the Duo 5 retains one large main viewing window. The entire Duo range offer a nominal heat output to room of 5 kW.

  • The angular viewing windows of the Quadro 1, 1T, 2, 2T, 3 and 3T contemporary wood-burning stoves offers a unique view of the flames. Each stove offers a nominal heat output to room of 6.2 kW and a choice of pedestal or log store base. The Quadro range has been designed to fit into a corner if necessary, so that no matter what shape your room is, it will easily nestle into your chosen space.

If you are looking for a more traditional design, Nordpeis have designed a range of stoves and fires that offer you a selection of styles to suit your individual style and requirements.

  • The traditional Bergen stove has a large 16” viewing window to give you an excellent view of the flame picture. It has a nominal heat output to room of 5 kW and the choice of a top or rear flue.

  • The traditional Glasgow stove also has a large glass viewing window so that you have an unobstructed view of the flame picture. It offers a nominal heat output to room of 5 kW and comes with a choice of top or rear flue.

  • The Traditional Orion 5 kW stove offers something truly different that will work well in your conservatory, hallway, house-boat or outdoor snug. The long depth of the firebox means that logs can be loaded length ways, and the added bonus of a hot plate which can be used to boil a kettle or heat a cooking pot.

  • The NI-22 can be used as a traditional open fire or you can close its bi-folding doors which will allow the logs to burn for longer. It has a nominal heat output to room of 6 kW and comes with the option of being wall mounted or being installed with a canopy and plinth for a traditional inglenook fireplace.

  • With a nominal heat output to room of 6.2 kW, the traditional NI-25 can either be built into a fireplace or, like the NI-22, you can sit it on a plinth and have a canopy installed above the firebox.

For more information about our complete range of Nordpeis products, please contact us by clicking here. To find out more about our other stove products, please click here to visit our website. You can also visit us in our HETAS registered showroom in North Wales, where our expert team are always on hand to help you to choose the perfect wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric appliance for your home.

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