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Ecodesign ready stoves from Stovax part two

With the new Ecodesign regulations that come into force in 2022 in the forefront of peoples minds, when it comes to choosing a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, it's easy to forget that all stoves that are manufactured and sold before this date will still be legal to use and install in your home or workplace as long as they are already in the distribution chain before the new regulations come into effect. If you are still concerned about choosing a stove that is 2022 ready, this selection from Stovax is a great place to start when looking for a new appliance.

The Ecodesign regulations are part of the governments initiative to help to reduce the amount of damage being done to the environment with the use of unsustainable products. By reducing the overall impact of a product or service, the plan hopes to reverse some of the damage that has already been done and to prevent further damage from occurring.

The wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves that feature in the Vision range are a sight to behold. The contemporary design of each stove offers a stylish option for every home, room and design requirement whilst still offering the warmth that is needed to keep you cosy no matter what the weather is like outside. The Ecoready stoves included in the stunning Vision range include: the Vision Medium, the Vision Medium Slimline, the Vision Midi, the Vision Midi T, the Vision Midi T Wall Hung, the Vision Small and the Vision Small T.

The Ecodesign ready stoves that are available as part of the Stovax Vogue range offer superb flame visuals alongside an extra clean burn which minimises the amount of residue left on the viewing window from fuel consumption. As with all stoves in the Stovax ranges, there are several sizes of wood and multi-fuel stoves available which include: the Vogue Medium, the Vogue Medium Slimline, the Vogue Midi, the Vogue Midi T, the Vogue Midi T Highline, the Vogue Midi Wall Hung, the Vogue Small and the Vogue Small T.

The stoves from Stovax that are mentioned above are just a small selection of the great, future-ready stoves that are available from the huge variety of stoves that we distribute from North Wales Stoves. To see some of our stoves in action, come along to the Hetas registered North Wales Stoves showroom in Abergele. For directions to our stove showroom, where you can also view our range of eco friendly hot tubs, please click here.

For more information about the other Ecodesign ready stoves and appliances that are available from North Wales Stoves, please click here. To read part 1 of this blog, please click here or to contact us, please click here. Our friendly,expert team look forward to helping you and your family select the best wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric stove for your home.

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