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How to Light a Stove

A cosy stove with a crackling fire is a welcoming sight at the end of a cold busy day, but whats the best way to light a stove and get your home warmed up with maximum effect and minimum fuss?

Step 1: To light a stove place firelighters on the bottom of the stove or grate area, you could use scrunched up newspaper if you have no firelighters

Step 2: Using dry kindling create a small tower around these leaving plenty of air gaps between pieces (it is very important that your kindling is dry so that it gets hot quickly and gets your flue gasses moving)

Step 3: Light the firelighters and place more kindling on the top (be careful not to smother the fire)

Step 4: Once you light a stove ensure all air controls on the appliance are fully open and close the door.

Step 5: Allow the stove to warm up this usually takes between 5-10 minutes.

Step 6: Add a small amount of fuel e.g. some small logs or a small amount of solid fuel (be careful not to add too much and smother the fire)

Step 7: Once this has taken light, add more fuel.

Step 8: Once the fire is established (15-20 mins) adjust the air controls to the required level.

The fire should burn with a flame but this should not roar and no flames should be drawn up the chimney. You should not reduce the airflow to the point were the fire is being smothered as this can produce tar build up in the appliance and chimney.

It is important to remember that with the exception of inset stoves a stove usually works on a radiant heat so the idea is to warm up the metal and let it radiate heat into the space unlike an open fire which relies on the heat of the flames to warm a space.

Always use a good quality, dry fuel for the best results. Remember that dry fuel produces twice as much heat as wet fuel and damp timber will cause tar build up in your appliance, flue and chimney. North Wales Stoves recommend Blazers wood fuel logs, look out for our special offers and pick yours up from our HETAS registered stove showroom.

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