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Stovax Professional XQ chimney systems.

Stovax Professional XQ chimney systems.

One of the great things about solid fuel stoves is they can be installed into practically any location using the correct equipment. No chimney? No problem! You can create your own using an insulated prefabricated metal chimney system like the Professional XQ system by Stovax.

This HETAS approved system has components made from a 0.5mm thick, high grade stainless steel. All the products in the Stovax professional XQ chimney system range are also corrosion and soot fire resistant with a minimum distance to combustible materials of 50mm.

Incorporating a complete range of innovative fixings and accessories the Professional XQ chimney system range is not only practical but also offers a choice of colours with a powder coating service available on all its external components. This enables users to match any requirements which may have been set by local planning authorities or to suit any specific aesthetic requirements you may have yourself.

The easy to install twist lock system has fully sealed weatherproof components made with a high density mineral wool insulation sandwiched between a 316L grade stainless steel inner wall for the highest corrosion resistance and a 304L stainless steel outer wall in an attractive polished finish. The Stovax professional XQ range also carries a 10 year warranty offering complete piece of mind.

As well as standard straight length components available in six different lengths the Professional XQ system offers adjustable lengths and a decorative single to twin wall adapter which allows a cut length of vitreous flue pipe to be inserted up to 90mm into a twin wall system to give a completely seamless join.

The Professional XQ ‘s decorative ceiling plate is supplied powder coated white to give a perfect finish to the system when passing through a ceiling Secured by magnets it is designed to fit over a ceiling plate, showing no visible fixings.

The adjustable wall sleeve means there is no need to cut it down as it can be easily adjusted and secured with self tapping screws and the Base socket spigot plate can support up to 12m of chimney system when combined with the base wall support plate and brackets. The robust and secure roof support can support the weight of up to 9m of your flue system.

As with all their products Stovax are dedicated to giving the best possible service to their customers and as such have set up a network of independent retailers with access to their dedicated technical support team so they can talk you through your requirements. They also have available a bespoke computer package that can design your professional XQ installation, giving guidance on everything you need from your stove upwards!

North Wales Stoves are an authorised retailer for Stovax and can help you with designing and installing an insulated chimney system such as Professional XQ. For further information please visit our showroom or contact us on 01745 822344 or email

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