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Vitreous Enamel Flue Pipe

There are many types of solid fuel flue available and each has its own purpose. Vitreous enamel flue pipe is the most commonly used type of flue pipe on the British market and is generally used as a starter piece to connect the appliance to a chimney, liner or insulated flue system.

Available in matt and gloss finishes, vitreous enamel flue pipe is constructed from a length of steel, which is coated in a vitreous enamel finish for protection and to provide an easy to clean finish to match most stoves.

Vitreous enamel is a thin layer of glass fused at a high temperature on the surface of metal.

Vitreous enamel is used in many other products we use around the home everyday such as cookers and saucepans, its also used in street signs and farm storage tanks and many other commonly used items.

It is selected because it is weatherproof, fireproof, vandal resistant and lasts for years. There are items such as a bathtub from the titanic, which are still perfectly preserved under the sea for many years due to their protective vitreous enamel coating.

Vitreous enamel flue pipe is most commonly available in black but there are some manufacturers that produce coloured enamel flue pipes to match a particular brand of stove in colours such as ivory, green or Blue.

Most vitreous enamel flue pipe manufacturers provide a range of lengths and elbows, which can be joined together by pushing one inside the other and sealing with a small amount of fire cement. The most commonly used elbows are 45 and 90 degree but many flue manufacturers also produce 15 and 30 degree elbows.

Vitreous enamel flue pipe is not suitable for lining a chimney; a twin wall flexible liner should be used for this purpose. Vitreous enamel flue pipe is also unsuitable to use close combustible materials and in outside applications as it has no insulating properties.

North Wales Stoves have a great range of Vitreous enamel flue pipe in stock at very competitive prices and can arrange delivery throughout the UK. If you would like further information, advice on selecting a suitable flue system or a quote then please contact us on 01745 822344 or email or visit our ebay shop to buy online

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