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Broseley Serrano Stoves

Manufactured from cast iron, the Serrano range of stoves By Broseley are available in both Electric and wood burning models. With a strong sturdy body weighing in at 100kg and over the Serrano stove range is designed with a sleek Matt surface and rounded lines which allow it to comfortably fit in to both modern and traditional settings. The simple design and large viewing glass create a stunning frame around the fire inside making it the focal point of your room.

Serrano 3 Wood burning stove.


Broseley Serrano 3 Wood burning stove

With a rated output of 3kw and maximum efficiency of 81% the Serrano 3 is the smallest stove in the Broseley Serrano range, It’s slim dimensions allow it to fit into a shallow recess with ease.

Serrano 5 SE

Broseley Serrano 5 SE, 5Kw wood burning stove -suitable for use in smoke control areas.


The Serrano 5 SE an environmentally responsible stove, suitable for use in a smoke control areas the Serrano 5 SE produces cleaner emissions than standard stove models when burning timber. The Serrano 5 SE is also available with a log store to create additional storage and a drying space for your logs. This taller model looks great in both a free standing or recessed installation.

Broseley Serrano 5 SE, Wood burning stove with log store


For those with a larger room Broseley also produce the Serrano 7 SE, it’s broad dimensions and simple styling make it at home in any setting. The large glass which spans across almost the entire width of the stove allows you to view the dancing flames from any angle. Also available with a log store which not only looks great but is practical too.

Broseley Serrano 7 SE, Wood burning stove.


Broseley Serrano 7 SE, Wood burning stove with log store.


The Serrano 3 Electric stove.

For those who prefer the simplicity of turning on a switch to generate their heat, but like to have the wood burning stove look, Broseley have produced the Serrano 3 Electric. Ideal for warming areas where it is not possible to install an external flue, the Serrano 3 electric stove is portable so can be used anywhere it can be plugged in. Capable of producing up to 2kw of heat the Serrano 3 is ideally suited to caravan or boat installations, makes a welcome addition to conservatories or summer houses, can take the chill off an outside office or garage conversion or simply provide additional warmth to a room with ease when it is needed at the flick of a switch.

North Wales Stoves are authorised retailers fro Broseley and the Serrano range of stoves, visit our HETAS registered stove showroom for further information, email us at or call us on 01745 822344.

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