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Stovax Riva Open Convector Fires

Stovax Riva Open convector fires.

There’s nothing quite like the warmth and atmosphere created with an open fire. Watching the flames dance over the crackling logs or the warm glow of coals is almost enough to warm you up by itself.

Unfortunately open fires are not very efficient at heating a room as much of the heat generated rises and disappears straight up the chimney.

A stove is a great alternative, producing a great amount of heat with a lot less fuel than an open fire would require and keeping that heat in the room for you to enjoy.

But what if you don’t want a stove?

The Stovax Riva range of open convector fires give you the best of both worlds, a real open fire but with a heating efficiency twice that of a normal grate or hearth mounted appliance. This is due to the Stovax Riva open convector fire range being designed to produce warm convected air as well as a radiant heat.

Contemporary – Stovax Riva 16 open convector fire


Suitable for most homes with a solid fuel chimney there will almost certainly be a Riva open convector fire to meet your needs.

Stovax Riva 22 open convector fire


With 5 width and two height options available the Stovax Riva open convector fire range can be fitted into a wide range of fireplace types and heat rooms of varying proportions. They also produce a range of decorative styles to suit both traditional or contemporary settings.

Stovax riva 26 open convector fire


Designed to draw in cooler, ambient air and heat into the three convection chambers positioned either side and behind the firebox, the warmed air is blown into the room through the top air vent, adding to the radiant heat created by the fire. The Stovax Riva open convector fire range can also be controlled unlike an open fire, Operated by a removable handle which allows you to have maximum draught for lighting the fire but a more efficient burn can be achieved by reducing this airflow. This control can also be partially closed when the fire is out to reduce draughts from the chimney.

North Wales Stoves Ltd are an authorised retailer for Stovax and can supply the Riva open convector fire range. If you are in the North Wales area and would like further information on these or any of the products available from Stovax please do not hesitate to contact us Tel:01745 822344 or email

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