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Types of Cowl

There are many types of chimney cowl available to buy but what do they all do?

Rain cap

This is the most simple of chimney cowls and is often referred to as a china mans hat due to its shape. A rain cap will protect your chimney from being cooled down when its raining. It is important that your chimney stays warm when burning solid fuel as cooled gasses will be slow to draw or may even cool enough to set inside the chimney as a tar like substance. Water inside a chimney can also freeze and thaw which can cause structural damage.


Static anti downdraught cowls.

A static anti downdraught cowls compact and aerodynamic shape allow it to combat downdraught. Downdraught is caused when air us pushed back down the chimney. Static anti downdraught cowls are available in Junior, standard and Senior sizes and most have the choice of a strap or a bolt fixing which are used to attach them to your chimney pot.


Rotating chimney cowls

Also known as spinning cowls, a rotating cowl prevents downdraught and assists ventilation in the chimney. Rotating cowls will require annual maintenance to remove any debris that may stop them from spinning.


Birdguard cowls

Birds or small animals looking for a warm place to nest and fallen leaves can cause a nuisance in your chimney, to keep them out you can buy cowls with bird guards attached. Solid fuel versions should have a larger mesh to help prevent them clogging up with the tar associated with burning timber.


A sprung birdguard or jackdaw cowl can also be used for this purpose and will open to the diameter of your pot making it suitable for both round or square pots.


Capping cowl.

A capping cowl is used to block off an unused chimney, keeping debris and animals out it can be moved upwards or downwards to adjust the level of ventilation to your chimney.


Spark arrestor cowl

A spark arresting cowl has two layers of mesh which help stop any debris which may still be alight from leaving the chimney. This is often used on a property with a thatched roof for safety reasons.


Chimney lining cowl

A chimney lining cowl, or pot hanging cowl fit onto a chimney pot and are designed to fit a flexible flue liner to a birdguard cowl without the need to remove the pot. There are standard and anti downdraught versions available.


H Cowl

Shaped like the letter H, a H Cowl keeps water out of the chimney, enables it to retain heat while preventing downdraught and providing ventilation.


North Wales Stoves Ltd can supply a wide range of chimney cowls, please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01745 822344 or email

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