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Wamsler range cookers

Established in 1875 by Friedrich Wamsler, the company has been a leading innovator in the field of kitchen and heating appliances including the Wamsler range cookers. Today the Wamsler name is primarily known for the manufacture of solid fuel cookers and heating products which are sold throughout Europe. Distributed in the UK by brand leaders Gazco, Wamsler have selected a wide choice of models which are particularly suited to British and Irish homes.Every model selected for the UK market is capable of multi fuel burning, this includes logs, coal or smokeless fuels using a clean burning secondary combustion technology.

900 ch.jpg

Wamsler 900 Series Central hating cooker. Powerful yet compact, the 900 series is the perfect solution for solid fuel heating and cooking in the modern home. A well proportioned design, clean lines and a choice of colours means it can blend into any kitchen with ease for a fully fitted or free-standing installation. Easily operated using the central control system, which allows you to direct the heat to exactly where you want it, for cooking, baking and roasting or to your central heating hot water supply which produces a maximum 16kw to water – enough for around 10 radiators (depending on size) and domestic hot water . With a large cooking capacity spanning almost the complete surface of the stove top, this allows plenty of space for multiple pans as well as the 66 litre oven, large enough for roasting a good sized turkey or joint of meat. Available in a range of colours including White, Black, Blue, burnt Sienna or stainless steel. With matching flue pipe and spacer units available for installation into fitted kitchens.

1100 ch.jpg

If your home is a little larger then Wamsler have this covered too with the 1100 series central heating cooker. Larger than the 900 series the 1100 can provide up to 18kw to your hot water and central heating system, which makes it ideal for more spacious and rural homes.

700 series.jpg

If it’s only cooking you wish to use your cooker for then Wamsler also offer a choice of solid fuel range cookers. The compact 700 Creative Wamsler range cooker offers a normal cooking capacity with a large hob measuring 658 x 490mm (WxD) and a spacious 44 litre oven while producing 7kw of heat to the room. Available in a choice of White, Black, Blue, Green, Pebble grey or stainless steel.

The larger 900 Creative Wamsler range cooker has a cooking hob measuring 900 x 848mm (W x D) and all the same great features seen in the 700 creative model.

Wamsler 900 Solid fuel range cooker in Green (range of colours available)

900 series.jpg

If you need more cooking space the 1100 standard produces 10 kw of heat, has a large hob measuring 835 x 510mm (W x D) and a massive 70 litre oven capacity with baking sheet and roasting tray. Available in a choice of White or Burnt Sienna, Additional options include a 17 litre bain-marie, towel rail and baking tray.

Wamsler 1100 solid fuel range cooker – White (also available in Burnt Sienna)

1100 series.jpg

Or if you are looking for a greener alternative to your gas or oil central heating boiler, then why not consider the Wamsler 500 series central heating boiler? With an 8mm steel hob measuring 409 x 509mm – ideal for areas prone to power cuts or if you just need extra hob space. It’s compact design means it can be installed into the smallest of kitchens or utility rooms. Capable of producing up to 16kw output to water for radiators and domestic hot water its both a powerful and practical option.

For further details on the Wamsler solid fuel range cookers contact North Wales Stoves, or visit our HETAS registered stove showroom, email us or call us on 01745 822344.

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