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Boiler Stoves

Solid fuel stoves are a popular choice in today’s heating market, and it’s no wonder with rising electricity and gas prices that people are looking for alternative ways to heat their home cheaply and efficiently. A solid fuel room heater is a great way to do this but if you want to heat more than one room then why not have a solid fuelboiler stove installed? Many stoves are available with an additional boiler which can supply you with hot water and/or heat your radiators or underfloor heating requirements.

Boiler stoves come in many different shapes and sizes and it’s important to remember that a stove that produces 5kw of heat to the room without a boiler will lose some of that output directly to the room if a boiler is introduced. For example a 2kw boiler introduced to a 5kw stove would reduce the output to the room to 3kw.

Solid fuel boilers also come in many shapes and sizes, from a small domestic water jacket to a full wrap around boiler.

domestic boiler.jpg

Domestic boiler.

A small domestic water jacket boiler is typically capable of producing between 6000 btu and 12000 btu depending on it’s physical size. This is usually enough output for domestic hot water and a small radiator. A domestic boiler usually replaces the stoves rear firebricks.

Back and baffle boiler

A larger back and baffle boiler replaces the stoves rear firebricks and the baffle plate (also known as the throat plate) a back and baffle boiler is used when more heat is required into the heating system than a domestic boiler can produce, these are often used when linking two systems together such as oil and solid fuel or in smaller properties such as bungalows which have less radiators.


In addition to these many larger stoves incorporate a wrap around boiler, a wrap around boiler replaces the rear and side bricks and the baffle/throat plate. Water is pumped into the boiler which is then heated by the fire inside the stove. Once hot, the water is then pumped out of the stove and around the system to the radiators and storage tanks.

Solid fuel boiler stoves can be fitted as a stand alone central heating system, but can also be incorporated with other fuels such as an Oil fired heating system. Domestic gas or LPG can also be used alongside your solid fuel boiler system with the introduction of specialist link up equipment. We would always recommend contacting a qualified solid fuel heating engineer to discuss your requirements before purchasing any appliance and this is particularly important in the case of a solid fuel boiler stove.

North Wales Stoves Ltd are authorised retailers for many boiler stove manufacturers and can arrange a free survey and estimate in the North Wales, Wirral and Cheshire areas. We have over 100's of stoves to choose from at our HETAS registered showroom, many with boiler options. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and further information on these or any of our products. Email Tel: 01745 822344

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