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How to look after a cast iron stove

Look after your cast iron stove and it will look after you, to keep your stove in top condition it is important to give it regular checks most maintenance work can be carried out by you at home.

When not in use: If your cast iron stove is not in use for a period of time for example through the summer it is important to leave a vent or a door open to avoid condensation build up inside the stove or chimney which will cause the appliance to rust. Expand the castings: When first firing a cast iron stove it is advisable to expand the castings as these will be cold, an easy way to do this is to put a small fire into the stove for the first few days. It is also a good idea to follow this practice if your stove is stood cold for a long period of time e.g. summertime. Grate: Check the grate is in good condition, free from any cracks or distortion and that it riddles with ease. If the grate is distorted this can cause the riddling mechanism to jam. Firebricks: If your cast iron stove has firebricks it is important to check they are free from cracks or damage. If a piece of firebrick was to fall out this could cause a stove to crack or distort as the exposed walls are subjected to ongoing heat. Ashpan: Check your ash pan for holes, hot ash falling through could be dangerous when emptying and burn your floor. Fire rope seals: Most cast iron stoves are sealed with fire rope around the glass and door to get a good seal when the stove is shut. Replace frayed or missing fire rope to keep your stove working efficienty and reduce fuel costs. Glass: Keep glass clean and free from tar deposits, special stove glass cleaner is available to buy and removes deposits with ease without damaging the glass . Appearance: Keep your cast iron stove free from rust by rubbing with a wire brush or steel wool to remove and re-spray with a heat resistant paint or apply a specialised grate polish.

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