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Insulated flue systems

Double skin insulated flue.

Where there is no chimney you can create one almost anywhere using a factory made metal chimny constructed from a double skin insulated flue system. These flue systems are constructed in varous lengths and elbows by sandwiching a layer of insulation usually 50mm thick between two layers of stainless steel piping.

There are varying ways in which the different manufacturers systems lock together, some are push fit, others twist lock and many use locking bands for added security on joints. When selecting an insulated flue sytem it is important to remember that the internal dimnsion will be 2" smaller than the external and it is the internal dimension that you are selecting to match your appliance.

Double skin flue cannot be cut down to size but there are adjsutable lengths avaiable. Insulated flue manufacturers produce a number of components along with the flues such as floor and celing plates which create internal supports and spacings to keep the pipe away from combustiable materials, brackets for external fixing, roof flashings, trims, cowls and terminals.

Because most systems cannot be integrated with eachother it is important to try and purchase all components from the same manufacturers system so you get a good fit and tight connections however there are some systems which are interchangabe. Most insulated flue systems are made in a stainless steel finish (silver) but there are coloured and black or white sytems avaiable from some manufacturers.

Double skin systems can be installed so that they travel through the various floors in the building and the roof or they can be taken through an external wall and up the outside of the building. Insulated flue systems are not limited to being used in buildings either, they can be used in mobile homes, sheds, chalets, workshops log cabins and practically anywhere you might need a permamant source of heating.

We stock a wide range of Insulated flue and components and have acesss to many of the countrys manufacturers, If you need help to select a suitable flue system or have decided on a manufacturer and are looking for a quote. Call us on 01745 822344 or email

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