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Vitreous Enamel Flue Pipe

Vitreous enamel flue pipe.

Constucted from varying grades of steel which is enamel coated inside and out Vitreous enamel flue is avaibale in either a matt finish or a gloss finish to match the paint effect on your stove,

Generally a painted or matt black stove will suit a matt flue pipe and a gloss will suit an enamelled stove.

Usually these flues are finished in a black colour but it is possible to purchase coloured enamel flue from some flue or stove suppliers to suit enemalled stoves or to apply a heat resistant stove spray onto a matt pipe to add colour.

Vitreous enamel flue is used to connect the stove into the chimney (either onto flex, into an exsisting chimney or onto a factory made metal chimney),

it is available in straight lengths with and without a door for cleaning acess and in elbows such as 45 and 90 deg for those offset or rear flue installations.

Vitreous enamel flue has no insulating properties and once in use will radiate heat just like the stove so it is important to leave a safe distance between this and any combustiable materials.

Vitreous enamel flue pipe is ususlly a univerasl fit so you can generally buy any flue to fit any stove provided the dimensions match eg. 150mm stove collar to 150mm pipe.

When joining one length to another the pipes usually have a male and female end so be sure to connect the right way up especially if connecting onto another piece of vitreous pipe, the connections should be quite snug and you can seal these with fire cement.

Our vitreous enamel flue pipe is made from a 1.2mm thick 316 grade stainless steel with enamel coating inside and out. available in various lengths and elbows at a competetive price.

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