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What output should your stove be?

Output: How much heat do you need to the room?

Many people choose a stove based on it's physical size, to match an existing hearth or opening. This has little relationship to the heat requirement for the room.

Of course every property is different and has varying amounts of insulation. As a general rule you will need 1KW of heat for every cubic metre you wish to heat. This is based on a room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius at an ambient of -1 degree Celsius.

Or you can determine the output required into a room by measuring it´s size and calculating with a simple sum. Height X Length X Width (metres) DIVIDED BY 14 = Output to room.

This does not take into account any stairs in the room, draughty windows, open doors, arches etc which may mean you need to increase the stoves output to compensate for heat loss.

This calculation is a guide only and we recommend you consult a qualified heating engineer prior to purchasing your stove.

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