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Heavy duty Redwood Picnic bench

Here at North Wales Stoves we have been manufacturing our own range of picnic benches since 2005 and have had thousands of happy customers from both the private and commercial backgrounds buy our product and recommend it to their friends, family or associates. So what makes our picnic benches so popular?


Our heavy duty redwood picnic benches are constructed from a slow grown Swedish redwood, we use a slow grown redwood timber because this makes a denser and heavier product which is less prone to warping and splitting. Redwood is often used in fencing, decking and window frames so it is a favourite for outdoor use by professionals because it is easy to work with and offers a long lasting beauty and performance. It also has excellent properties for holding paints stains and other coatings. The timber we use is also far thicker than with many other picnic benches available to buy. Using a 4″x 2″ dense redwood timber like we do gives our benches strength and durability. Because timber is a natural product we also have it pressure treated to protect your bench from wood rot and insect infestation. The pressure treatment means that the timber used in the construction of our benches comes from our supplier with a 15 year guarantee against wood rot or insect infestation.


Not only do we use strong materials for making our benches we also build them using a strong A frame design which is simple yet effective. In addition to this we use only plated bolts and screws in the construction of our picnic benches, no nails or glues are used so you get a sturdy product for years to come.


Hand made in UK heavy duty redwood picnic bench, strong and built to last.

We are a small family run business who are dedicated to providing both a quality product and service. We have been trading our picnic benches on Ebay since 2005 and have 100% positive feedback! When customers purchase one of our benches they can be safe in the knowledge they are supporting a small business and also that the product they are buying has been made here by hand in the UK.

Value for Money.

There are many picnic bench products on the market around the same price as ours but you will be hard pushed to find one of the same quality and using the same sturdy timber. Because we manufacture and sell our benches directly to the public there is no distributor fee or middle man to take his cut its you who makes the saving by getting a quality product at a budget price.

A naturally beautiful product that it as home in any setting and will last for years to come.

Buy online or call us on 01745 822344.

6ft Extra Heavy Duty Redwood Picnic Bench
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