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How do I change the fire rope in my stove?

Stove maintenance tip

How to change fire rope in a stove.

The purpose of a rope seal around a stove door is to prevent excess air entering the fire chamber resulting in the fuel burning faster. Stoves are far more efficient than open fires because they are controllable. For a stove to be controllable the seals (which include the fire rope) must be kept in good condition. Stove rope is made from a heat resistant fibre which is soft and easy to manipulate. Stove rope should be held in place by a heat resistant glue.

You should inspect your stove at regular intervals and replace any rope which has frayed, split or is coming away from the stove. Ensure you have the correct size rope to replace your damaged seal as these vary between models, manufacturers and designs. Ensure you have a suitable adhesive to hold your stove rope in place.

To change your rope seal first remove the door from the stove, ensure there is nothing that can break the glass or scratch the door in the way and lay the door on a flat surface such as a table top or floor.

Prepare the door by removing any old fire rope and clean the channel the fire rope has been sat in. This may need to be scraped clean with a wire brush or screwdriver to remove any old fire rope which is still stuck firmly and hard to remove tar like deposits can be eliminated with a stove cleaner . Once clean wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove any grease or solvents. (Do not use water)

Your door is now ready for its new fire rope seal to be applied.

Measure the fire rope around the door and cut to the correct length, next run a line of glue all the way along the groove, push the fire rope into place starting at one end and moving around until the whole groove is filled and the fire rope meets itself.

Leave to dry for 10-20 minutes so the glue can become tacky and then replace.

Gently close the door, this should close without excess pressure. If you can feel resistance do not force the door as this can break the glass, if it doesn’t close correctly ensure you have used the correct size fire rope an there is nothing obstructing the door and stopping it from closing.

Once the stove door is correctly in place you can use your stove as normal, the first firing will help the glue to cure.

Remember….check your stoves fire rope seals regularly and replace when required. This small job can save you a lot of money on fuel in the long run.

We have Fire rope in stock at our showroom in various diameters, we can also have stove glasscut to any size and delivered to your door.

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