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Stovax Stoves on sale at North Wales Stoves

Based in Devon Stovax have been established well over 30 years and are one of the major contributors to the Solid fuel industry. In 1988 Stovax took the decision to diversify into the manufacture of gas fired stoves and established their well known sister company Gazco. The two companies continue to work together to produce an outstanding range of stoves, fires and fireplaces which are sold throughout Europe.

The Stovax range of stoves is diverse, starting with the beautifully designed Cast Iron Brunel and Huntington stoves which are available in a range of sizes and colours and with styling options to give your stove the personal touch.

Stovax also produces the more traditional looking models such as the Sheraton and theRegency which was originally patented by Benjamin Franklin in 1742 and produces all the atmosphere of a traditional open fireplace.

It’s not just Cast iron stoves that Stovax excels in either, Stovax’s very popular Stockton range of stoves are made with a 5mm steel body and a cast iron door to produce exceptional performance, control over combustion and value for money. With eight different sizes available in a range of colours, canopy and door options you can also get inset, boiler and double sided models so your sure to find a Stockton that is suitable for you.

If your looking for something a little more contemporary then look no further than Stovax’s newest addition The View. The View stoves are available in a choice of freestanding models, or an inset and you can get a freestanding or inset High output boiler model too which can provide hot water and central heating.

In 2006 Stovax purchased Yeoman, who were a long established manufacturer of solid fuel stoves with a rustic traditional style. Yeoman continues to produce its own unique range of stoves under it’s own brand. Stovax is also the UK distributor for the well known and loved Dovre fireplaces and stoves and Gazco is the UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for Wamsler solid fuel cookers and stoves.

In addition to their comprehensive range of stoves, Stovax also produce their own range of Pre-fabricated metal chimney flues, The Professional XQ range is an easy to install twist lock system made from a high grade stainless steel and is suitable for use on both internal and external applications. What’s great about this system and sets it apart from many others is that it comes in a range of colours and with innovative decorative components so it can blend in beautifully with your home.

This makes Stovax the UK’s largest stove and fireplace producer with a range of designs from contemporary to traditional to suit everyone’s requirements. It’s focus as a business is to design high quality products and back them up with excellent customer service and support.

North Wales Stoves Ltd are proud to be approved retailers for Stovax and have a wide range of their products on display at our showroom. If you would like further information on any of the products available from Stovax or any of it’s sister companies please contact us.

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