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Clearview Stoves - Almost 30 Years Of Excellence

In the heart of the English countryside, set in the stunning hills of Shropshire, stands Clearview. They are the leading manufacturer of wood-burning stoves and have been designing and manufacturing their own stoves for almost 30 years. Here at North Wales Stoves, we are also set in beautiful countryside and are proud to stock some of the finest Stoves on the market today.

Some of the Clearview products we stock are outlined below. You can visit our showroom to see some of the stoves in action, or visit our website to learn more about the Clearview range from their latest brochure.

  • The Pioneer Oven is a highly efficient, super clean burning stove specially designed for free-standing situations. The warming oven will cook casseroles and bake potatoes, whilst the large hotplate is ideal for boiling a kettle or keeping your coffee warm and has a heat output of 6kw.

  • The Clearview Pioneer 400 5kw is the highest specification small stove ever built. It’s so fuel-efficient it will burn only one kilo of wood an hour.

  • The Vision Inset 5kw Stove incorporates all of the wonderful benefits found in our Clearview free-standing Vision stoves, but it can be installed in a fireplace opening where the hearth depth is limited and the least structural disruption is required.

  • The Clearview Vision 500 has an 8kw heat output and was the first Multi-Fuel stove approved for burning wood and authorised fuel in UK smoke control areas.

  • The Clearview Solution 400 is a smaller version of the Solution 500. This multi-fuel Stove has a heat output of 5kw.

  • The Solution 500 is a convection heater with a heat output of 8kw. It has a multi-fuel grate for easy lighting and rapid response.

  • The Clearview 650 is the second largest of our stoves. It is a multi-fuel Stove with a 12kw heat output and is the second largest Stove in the range.

  • The Clearview 750 is the largest multi-fuel stove in the range. With its 14kw heat output, the 750 is mainly suited to large rooms, hallways and open plan areas.

All flat-top versions of the stoves have a hotplate for a coffee pot or kettle and every stove comes in a range of 7 colours. Each Stove has a range of optional extras so you can create the right look for your home.

Finally, let's not forget that leading the way with their clean burning stoves has been a huge achievement of the team at Clearview.

Their website says: 'We are proud to have grown into Britain’s leading manufacturer of clean burning stoves. There is a simple reason for our success – we love and believe in our stoves and are dedicated to channelling all our passion and energy into making one exceptional product. Clearview Stoves were the very first company to have a multi-fuel stove approved to burn wood in smoke control areas. We are immensely proud to have set a new standard. This photograph of a Vision High Canopy in Honey Glow Brown was used to announce the approval to the world in 1993.'

For more information and advice about which Stove is right for you, please click here or come along to North Wales Stoves and have a look around our HETAS registered showroom. Our fully trained staff are on hand to assist you in making the right choice for your home.


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