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Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Preparing your garden for the arrival of your new garden furniture is just as important as choosing the right furniture for your garden. With a little planning, you and your family will soon be spending time together in your perfectly designed outdoor space.

Some important questions to ask yourself are:

  • Where would your table and benches look and fit best?

  • Do you want to sit in the sun or create some shade?

  • Will the table be flat in your chosen spot?

  • Have you given your furniture enough space?

  • What combination of furniture would suit you best?

If you are planning to have your bench on the grass, mowing your lawn before it is delivered will mean you can sit and relax as soon as it arrives. The same goes for patio's and decking, do any preparatory work beforehand and then enjoy the fruits of your labour – after all, you'll have earned a nice cool drink in the sun as a reward for your hard work.

If you or a family member are not a fan of the sun, why not consider creating some shade by adding a parasol? We can add a 50 mm hole for your parasol at no extra charge (upon request) and our range of parasols offer something to suit every garden.

When positioning your table, think of how it affects the space around it. Are you too close to a door or garage? Will there be enough room for people to manoeuvre around it comfortably? Are you too close to any steps or other trip hazards? Is the ground level enough or will your drinks be sliding off the edge?! Giving some thought to all of this when you order from us will help when your delivery arrives.

Deciding what furniture you need will depend on your personal requirements. All families are different and our range reflects this. Our Standard tables and benches are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Our Deluxe and Hercules picnic benches are suitable for a domestic and business use and our walk in picnic benches offer easy access with no need to lift your legs over the seat. Our tables and benches are available in sizes of 4, 5, 6 and 7ft.

For more information about our range of garden tables and benches, which can be bought separately or as a set, please click here to visit our online store or contact us on 01745 822344. We have a positive feedback score of 100% on ebay and are fully committed to upholding this exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction.


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