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Wamsler Range Cookers And Central Heating Cookers

Wamsler's range of solid-fuel range cookers and central heating range cookers are a great way to supply your home with the heat you need, right where you need it the most.

The 900 Series central heating range cooker is a small but mighty appliance. Whether you are in the kitchen cooking, warming the house up with the central heating or running a relaxing hot bath, this appliance will meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations. When you are cooking, the large heat retaining hob will give you the space you need for numerous pans. The 66 litre oven, with baking sheet and roasting tray, will give you enough space to cook a sizeable turkey or joint of meat. It has a maximum 16kw heat output which means you can run around 10 radiators in your home as well as having enough hot water for your families needs.

The 1100 Series central heating range cooker is the larger version of the 900 Series and is suited to more spacious homes. Like the 900 Series model, the 1100 Series has an easy to use control system so that you can easily direct the heat flow from the maximum 18kw heat output to where you need it. They also have an oven, hob and flue switching damper. The roll out drawer on these appliances is sometimes used by farmers to keep a runt lamb warm, but you can use yours to store pans or fuel if you like. You can also add the optional towel rail (which comes as standard on the black model).

Both the 900 and 1100 Series offer a well-proportioned design, clean lines and a choice of colours. There is also the option to have either a free-standing or fully-fitted style to suit your taste and requirements.

If you are looking for a 'cooking only' appliance, Wamsler's compact 700 Creative and larger 900 Creative are excellent alternatives to the central heating range cookers. Both the 700 and 900 offer you lots of choice when it comes to personalising your appliance, such as a choice of hob size and appliance colour. They also have a 44 litre oven with a maximum heat output of 7kw, a baking sheet and a roasting tray.

The 1100 Creative is Wamsler's largest solid-fuel range cooker. It boasts a substantial hob area, generous 70 litre oven and an adjustable secondary air control to maximise efficiency when burning wood. It also has a maximum heat output of 10kw. All three Creative models also have a height adjustable, multi-fuel riddling grate.

With choices including free-standing or fitted stoves and cookers, colour and hob options, there are certainly lots of things to consider when it comes to finding the appliance that is best for you. For more information about our entire range of Wamsler appliances, including their central-heating boiler and multi-fuel stoves, please click here or come along to North Wales Stoves. Our team of fully qualified staff will be happy to assist you in making the right choice for your home.


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