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Introducing The New Range Of Stoves From Firestorm

In the heart of Lancashire, Firestorm Stoves have been supplying and fitting stoves from some of the UK's leading brands for 15 years – before deciding that it was time to design and build their own range to rival the other top brands on the stove market today.

In 2009, the Firestorm team combined their knowledge and expertise and began to design their first Multi-Fuel Stove. It took three years of hard work and determination but we at North Wales Stoves are sure you will agree that all of their effort has paid off!

Combining the best technology available with existing concepts, the team at Firestorm created a range of three new and innovative Multi-Fuel Stoves: Firestorm 4.5kw; Firestorm 6.5kw and Firestorm 10kw. With something to suit every room size in your home, no matter how big or small the room is, Firestorm firmly believe that they have created the next big thing in Multi-Fuel Stoves.

Firestorm have also created HeatStorm technology to ensure that their stoves run as efficiently as possible. As well as boasting some of the most impressive efficiency ratings on the market - an impressive 82.3% efficiency rating combined with an eco friendly 0.60 Co2 emission rating which is amongst the highest available, the HeatStorm Technology Airwash System ensures that the glass is kept clean and combines a clean burn tertiary air system which re-ignites unburnt gases to ensure a cleaner burn.

When deciding which stunning Firestorm Stove is right for you, it is useful to bear in mind the heat output of each individual stove.

  • The Firestorm 4.5kw offers a heat output that is suited to smaller rooms

  • The Firestorm 6.5kw offers a heat output that is suited to medium sized rooms

  • The Firestorm 10kw offers a heat output that is suited to larger rooms.

All of the Firestorm Multi-Fuel Stoves come with a 12 month warranty and are available in a selection of colours including Honey Glow Brown, Mojave Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Brown, Anthracite & Rich Brown Metallic.

For more information on which size of stove is right for your home, what type of stove meets your needs and requirements or to ask any other questions that you may have, please contact us here at North Wales Stoves on 01745 822344. Alternatively, if you would like to see our selection of stoves from Firestorm or any of the other market leaders, please come and visit us in our showroom.

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