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Introducing The New Varde Range Of Wood-Burning Stoves from Stovax

The new Varde range of wood-burning stoves are the latest models to arrive at North Wales Stoves. Discovering a new collection of stoves that we love is always an exciting time. With the Varde collection, the excitement is doubled – these beautiful stoves are the latest from established UK brand Stovax. A company that has been designing and manufacturing stoves for over 30 years and are one of the most respected names in wood-burning stoves.

The new Varde range consists of:

  • The Varde Aura 1, 2, 3 and 11 have a 5kw heat output, 78% efficiency rating, an integrated log store and a choice of top or rear exit. The Aura 3 is a smaller stove with a compact design.

  • T Varde Fuego 1 and 2 have a 5kw heat output and a 75% efficiency rating. The integral plinth on the Fuego 2 model is 100mm shorter than the Fuego 1.

  • The Varde Samso has a 5kw heat output and a 75% efficiency rating. This stove also has an integral log store.

  • The Varde Shape 2 has a 5kw heat output and a 77% efficiency rating. It is a slimline stove with a choice of top or rear flue.

  • The Varde Uniq 1 and 13 have a 5kw heat output, a 76% efficiency rating and are three sided stoves with integral log stores. The log store on the Uniq 13 has a larger capacity than the Uniq 1.

This collection of stoves also have some great qualities that you wouldn't want to be without:

  • Convection System – Pulls in cold air from beneath the stove and releases heated air back into the room which promotes good air circulation while keeping your room nice and warm.

  • Cleanburn System – Introduces pre-heated combustion air into the top of the firebox which helps to keep the room warm and reduces soot build up in the chimney.

  • Airwash System – Controls the air flow within the stove to prevent tar from building up on the glass. This means the glass stays cleaner for longer and doesn't restrict your view of the flames.

  • AirBox External Air – The Fuego 1 and 2, the Shape 2 and the Uniq 1 and 13 are fitted with an AirBox which takes combustion air from outside the building to reduce draughts and increase fuel economy.

  • Smoke Control Area Approved – Varde Stoves that are fitted with a smoke control kit are approved for the burning of wood in Smoke Control Areas.

  • Carbon Neutral Heating – By choosing one of our wood-burning stoves, you are choosing a carbon neutral way of heating your home.

Appliances that are purchased from North Wales Stoves, who are a registered supplier of Varde Stoves, will benefit from a 2 year Warranty. This can be extended to a 5 year warranty if you register your appliance with Varde after purchase. For more information about any of the Varde Aura, Fuego, Samso, Shape or Uniq wood-burning stoves, please click here to visit our Varde Stoves page, click here to contact us, call 01745 822344 or visit our HETAS Registered showroom to see our wide selection of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves. Our fully trained, expert team are on hand to assist you in selecting the right stove for your home.

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