Create a warm welcome with Chilli Penguin stoves

With St David's Day approaching, we thought now would be a great time to share our latest stove collection. Made in Wales, the Chilli Penguin range of stoves has something to offer for every home, room, outdoor space and everything in-between.

The Short Penguin has been designed with small spaces in mind. This multi-fuel stove is ideal for small rooms and for use on canal boats. The nominal heat output to room is 5kW and a smoke control kit, which alters the stove's air vents to prevent the appliance being clogged with residue from burning fuel, is included. A top flue comes as standard, with the option of a rear flue adaptor available.

Taller and wider than the short penguin, the Chubby is designed for homes where space is tight but only a chunkier stove will do. This multi-fuel stove has a nominal heat output to room of 5kW. It comes fitted with a smoke control kit and a top flue as standard. There is the option to add a rear flue adaptor if one is required.

The Woody Penguin is a multi-fuel stove with a wide front, narrow depth and generously sized viewing window so that the stove does not take up too much space in your room. The Woody has a nominal heat output to room of 5kW and comes fitted with a smoke control kit. It also has a top flue exit as standard and the option to have a rear flue adaptor fitted if required.

The Hungry Penguin is the Original Stove that the Chilli Penguin brand has built its name and reputation on. This marvellous, multi-fuel stove does it all. As well as keeping you warm, you can boil a kettle and cook your dinner on the Hungry Penguin. With a nominal heat output to room of 5kW and the option of a boiler to heat your water too, this little beauty will have you off grid before you can say 'self sufficiency!'

The aptly named Fat Penguin has all the features of the Hungry Penguin. It has a top oven, top plate and optional boiler, but the side convection panels make it wider. A wider top means a bigger space to cook on which alongside the nominal heat output to room of 5kW, smoke control kit as standard and the top or rear flue exit, make this stove a must for every home.

The High & Mighty Penguin started life as a Fat Penguin but kept on growing until it, well, became higher and mightier! This multi-fuel stove has a nominal heat output to room of 5kW. It comes with a smoke control kit, a choice of top or rear flue exit and the option to have a boiler (for non pressurised systems).

Cool and contemporary, the Penguin 8 is the big boy of the Chilli Penguin family. This stove has a nominal heat output to room of 8kW which is ideal for medium to large rooms. The Penguin 8 is a multi-fuel stove which comes fitted with a smoke control kit, has a top flue exit as standard and the option to have a rear flue adaptor fitted if required.

Love child of the Penguin 8 and the Hungry Penguin, the Eighty Ate “88” is a thing of beauty! With a big oven and plenty of space for pans, a kettle and room to store logs underneath it, the Eighty Ate means serious business. The 88 is a multi-fuel with a nominal heat output to room of 8kW. It comes fitted with a smoke control kit, a top flue exit and a removable plate rear exit.

Outrageously curvaceous, the family of 5kW and 10kW Chubes are round in all the right places. The Chubes come in a selection of Plinth, Pedestal or Shorty and all feature a curved glass viewing window. The heights vary for each individual stove. The 5kW Shorty is 850mm and the 5kW Pedestal and 5kW Plinth are 1050mm. The 10kW Shorty is 1025mm and the 10kW Pedestal and 10kW Plinth are 1235mm. The Chubes Stoves are all available in Satin Black finish only.

Found in cool, small spaces, the Chilli Billie is a little stove with a big heart. This small but mighty wood burner has a nominal heat output to room of 2.5-3kW. You load fuel into the top of a Chillie Billie and can view the glorious flames through the round glass window. You can boil a kettle or heat a pan on the stove top and use the side shelf to store them when not in use. The Chillie Billie is mainly found hanging out in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios.

All of the stoves in the Chilli Penguin range are painted with a high temperature stove paint and are available in a choice of five colours: Mojave Red, Forest Green, Almond White, Charcoal and Black. They also come equipped with a clean burn and airwash system. This ensures that fuel is burned efficiently and keeps your glass window clear, giving you a high efficiency and an unobstructed view of the flames.

For more information about our fantastic new range of Chilli Penguin Stoves, please click here to contact us via our website. You can also head along to the North Wales Stoves Showroom to view over 60 wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, some of which are fully fitted for you to experience the delight and ambience a stove can bring to your home. We look forward to helping you find the right Stove for your home.

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