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Introducing the new Petromax range at North Wales Stoves

Another new addition to North Wales Stoves is the outstanding range of Petromax Dutch Ovens. Petromax Dutch Ovens are sturdy cooking pots that are made from seasoned cast iron, which means that they are perfect to use when cooking on an open flame in the outdoors or on a hob at home. Versatile and durable, our range of Dutch Overs can used in a variety of ways:

  • The convection lid can also be used as a pan

  • The Dutch Ovens can be stacked on top of each other

  • There is a hole so that you can use a thermometer to check the heat of your food easily

  • The handle has a notch to allow it to hang safely

  • Dutch Ovens can be used on the cooking plate of your wood-burning/multi-fuel stove

  • Dutch Ovens can be used in your oven or on your hob

The Petromax Dutch Ovens are available in two models and a variety of sizes:

  • With legs on the bottom

  • With plain bottom surface (no legs)

  • Both models have a lid with feet and a raised edge

  • Maximum capacity of 1.7l, 2.3l, 5.2l, 7.6l, 9.5l, 14l, 21.5l

  • Weight of 3kg/6.6lbs, 5.2kg/11.4lbs, 8kg/17.6lbs, 10.4kg/22.9lbs, 11.6kg/25.6lbs, 15kg/33lbs,17.9kg/39.5lbs

There are a variety of other items that can be used with your Petromax Dutch Oven:

  • Petromax Cabix/Briquettes fuel

  • Scraper

  • Lid Lifter and Lid Lifter Pro

  • Cast Iron Care Conditioner

  • Dutch Oven Lid Holder

  • Charcoal Tray

  • Grilling Grate

  • Lid Stand

  • Cast Iron Stack Grate

  • Dutch Oven Tables

  • Trivet

  • Cooking Stand

  • Fire Stand

  • Cooking Tripod

  • Petromax Convection Lid

  • Fire Barbecue Grill

  • Rocket Stove

As you can see, Petromax and North Wales Stoves have got you covered when it comes to every cooking need you have, whether inside or outside of the home. For more information about our Petromax range, please click here to contact us via the website or come along to the North Wales Stoves Showroom to see a selection of the Petromax range. We look forward to helping you choose the right Petromax products and accessories for your needs.

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