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Chilli Penguin stoves - proud to be UK made

Here at North Wales Stoves, we are proud to promote products that are made in the UK. The Chilli Penguin range of Stoves have been designed and built in Wales by a family who knew they could create something really special. Alongside supporting the UK economy with their stunning range of multi-fuel stoves, they also employ local people and use local materials in their manufacturing process. Every part of a Chilli Penguin Stove is made in the UK and the sale of each stove contributes to the salary of a UK worker. We think that makes them extra special!

The name Chilli Penguin comes from a surprising and adorable source. During the design and build of the very first Chilli Penguin Stove, the three year old son of the engineers loved to listen to his favourite story about a penguin who didn't like the cold, and from that chilly penguin, the name Chilli Penguin was born! From this idea grew a range of Stoves to suit every requirement, home, canal boat, man den and most recently a cave dwelling!

The complete range of Chilli Penguin Multi-Fuel Stoves is comprised of:

  • Short Penguin 5kW

  • Woody 5kW

  • Hungry Penguin 5kW

  • High and Mighty 5kW

  • Fat Penguin 5kW

  • Chilli Billie 2.5-3kW

  • Penguin 8 8kW

  • “88” 8kW

  • Chubby Penguin 5kW

  • Chubes 5kW/10kW

Each of the stoves are available in a range of six colours: Charcoal, Almond White, Black, Mojave Red, Forest Green and Storm Blue. The Stoves available have various benefits, including an Inset Stove, Wide Viewing Window, Oven, Hot Plate, Tall Stoves, Short Stoves, Space for Log Storage and even cylindrical Chube Stoves! Most Stoves come with a 7 year guarantee, as long as you buy from an approved dealer such as North Wales Stoves, with the exception of the Chilli Billie which has a 1 year guarantee. You must also register your appliance upon purchase to qualify for the guarantee.

As with all Stove appliances, there are some maintenance checks and general cleaning tasks that must be completed regularly. To clean your stove, use a soft brush or dry, lint-free cloth to wipe over the painted areas and to remove ash build-up. Check that your rope seals are intact, that your glass is not cracked or loose and that your fire bricks are still in good condition. You can order replacement parts from us by clicking here to contact us.

To order your very own Chilli Penguin Multi-Fuel Stove, please click here to contact us via our website or call us on 01745 822344. You can also visit us at our HETAS registered stove showroom in Abergele, North Wales. Please click here for details of where to find us. North Wales Stoves and Chilli Penguin look forward to ensuring that you have the stove of your dreams to keep you and your family warm and cosy this Winter.

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