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Our range of handmade, heavy-duty garden furniture

Here at North Wales Stoves, we love to see the seasons changing across the surrounding landscape and have several of our wooden picnic benches installed across our land that not only take in the surrounding views, but also offer us the opportunity to enjoy our own land and gardens whatever the weather. As the seasons change and our thoughts turn to barbecues and more time with our family and friends, we would like to share some ideas that we have for ways that you can make the best use of your own space ready to welcome the warmer weather.

Making the most of your outdoor space is a great place to start when you are planning where to place your garden furniture. Some things to think about are:

  • keeping your outdoor space flowing by not blocking doorways and entrances to your garage, summer house, conservatory or garden shed

  • making sure that you don't take over the children's play area or football pitch with your new bench

  • getting the most out of the view by placing your bench in the best spot

  • ensuring there is room for your lawn mower to manoeuvre around your picnic bench

  • thinking about any sloping areas – we wouldn't want your drink to end up on the floor!

Our garden tables and benches are handmade from beautiful slow grown Swedish Redwood and construction grade White Wood. Both woods have been chosen by us for their beauty, strength and durability. Our individual garden tables and benches are ideal for use in your dining room, conservatory or anywhere else that you choose. The sizes available vary, as shown below, so you can measure your space and order the perfect sized furniture for your home and family.

If you are looking for the ideal furniture to complement your beer garden or outdoor space on your business premises, you have come to the right place. Each bench made from Swedish Redwood in our garden furniture range weighs in excess of 10 stones, with the White Wood benches weighing in at slightly less. Neither bench should be confused with inferior models that can be purchased from garden centres and online. Our benches come with a 15 year guarantee against wood rot and insect infestation, which is provided by our wood supply company. This ensures that our garden furniture will be able to stand the test of time against the elements. Our range includes:

  • Standard Picnic Bench (4-7ft lengths available)

  • Deluxe Picnic Bench (4-7ft lengths available, wider seats for extra comfort)

  • Hercules Picnic Bench (5-7ft lengths available, lifting or fixed seats available)

  • Walk in Picnic Bench (4-7ft lengths available, wider seats for added comfort)

  • Garden Table and Benches (4-7ft lengths available, moveable bench seats for any purpose)

  • Garden Benches (4-7ft lengths available)

All of our heavy duty garden furniture is available for delivery from our 24 hour courier. Local delivery and erection is available, and nationwide delivery is available with some assembly required. A free 50 mm parasol hole can be added when requested at the time of purchase. For more information, please click here to visit our website, click here to contact us or call our expert team on 01745 822344. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your garden.

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