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Our fabulous range of eco-friendly hot tubs

Here at North Wales Stoves, our expert team are proud to supply a versatile range of beautiful, eco-friendly hot tubs to our customers. Whether you want to buy or hire/lease a hot tub for domestic or business purposes, we have something to suit every requirement. We can even supply the seasoned logs you will need to keep your hot tub nice and cosy.

Our hot tubs come in a choice of spruce, larch, thermowood or oak, each with the option of a polypropalene or fibreglass liner. Each hot tub is for use off grid – they do not need to be plugged into a power supply and the only requirement is a hard surface to stand on and a location that is near to a supply of fresh, clean water. As these hot tubs do not require a pump or filter, you do not even need to worry about using harsh chemicals to keep it clean which means that you can water your plants with the contents once you have finished enjoying a dip in your hot tub.

You can also choose between an internal or external wood-burner for your hot tub. An internal heater, especially when used in conjunction with the lid provided in your free accessory kit – only available from North Wales Stoves - will heat your hot tub quicker than an external heater. However, an external heater allows room for extra seating as it heats the hot tub from the outside rather than taking up valuable seating space of 1 – 2 seats.

Your hot tub can be enjoyed no matter what the season or weather is like around you. You can spend a leisurely evening entertaining your family and friends in the summer months, or enjoy the outdoors on the coldest day by keeping warm in your hot tub. You can even use it as an ice bath after a gruelling training session to help to prevent muscle tears or injuries by cooling yourself down safely in your tub.

Our hot tubs are ideal for:

  • purchase for domestic use

  • hire for a party or event at your home

  • business hire for your holiday let with the option to buy or return at the end of your contract

  • you can even hire a hot tub when you stay in one of Pen-y-Bryn Farm's holiday cottages next door to us!

Whatever the reason for your new purchase, come along to the North Wales Stoves Showroom and see one of our eco-friendly hot tubs for yourself or click here for more information. Each hot tub that is purchased comes with a free accessory pack that includes a hot tub lid, flue guard, wooden steps, a paddle, a minibar, a high flow drain tap, decorative trim and chimney heat guard. We look forward to helping you select the best hot tub for your home or business.

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