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Protecting and personalising your wooden furniture

When you are planning to make some changes to your indoor or outdoor spaces, adding some simple, fresh touches to your wooden furniture can go a long way. Whether you are hoping to protect your wooden furniture without losing the natural wood effect, or you want to add some colour to your garden furniture, there are plenty of products out there for you to choose from. The following are just a selection of the ideas you could choose from to personalise our wooden products for your home or garden.

Danish Oil is simple to apply and can either be used on its own for a clear, natural finish or as a primer for another suitable product, such as paint or varnish. Our high-quality Danish Oil is made using a unique blend of natural oils and resins which will not flake or crack. Some preparation, such as cleaning or light to heavy sanding, may be required.

Wood Stain, like most other products, needs to be applied to clean, dry wood. Once the surface is prepared, carefully stir the tin ensuring that you do not create air bubbles, and apply with the recommended size of brush. If your stain requires a second or third coat, ensure you leave enough time for the stain to dry properly before you begin to apply the next coat.

Outdoor paint now comes in a range of colours from well known brands to shops own brands. Once again, you will need to perform the necessary surface preparation before you begin. When choosing a paint, ensure that you select one that will not fade in the sun or with weather damage. We would recommend that you choose a paint that contains UV Protection, which will further protect your furniture from the sun. Always use a suitable, outdoor paint as opposed to indoor paint which will not have the desired finish or protection needed for outdoor furniture.

Before you use any of the products listed above, you may need to do some basic preparation to ensure that the product you have chosen works properly and the desired finish is achieved. The wood should always be completely dry before you begin so that the product used does not lock in moisture that could damage your table, bench or other wooden garden furniture. In some cases, some sanding should be undertaken or a primer may be required before you begin. When cleaning, always go with the grain instead of against it.

Always read the instructions carefully before you start to use any product that you have selected and make sure that the weather is suitable for the product you have chosen. If it is the first time that you are using the product, ensure that you leave plenty of time to complete the application process. And always remember that for safety reasons, most products should be applied in a well ventilated area and the correct safety equipment should be used and/or worn.

For more information about our hand-crafted, wooden garden furniture and log stores, please click here. To see our range of garden ornaments and statues, click here and to find out more about our stunning planters, please click here. With a little imagination and a few hours of effort, North Wales Stoves can help you to make your garden a place where you love to spend every available minute.

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