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Hamlet's Solution Range Of Compact Multi-Fuel Boiler Stoves

From their base in Axminster, nestled in the heart of Devon's countryside, the team behind Hamlet Stoves have been designing and manufacturing wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves for over 50 years. Their range of Freestanding Boiler Stoves and Inset Boiler Stoves are beautiful, efficient and offer outstanding performance.

Replacing your traditional central heating system with an economical and reliable Hamlet Boiler Stove will not only help you to reduce your heating bills and offer you a sustainable option when heating your home, it will also become a focal point in the room and provide a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

When you are deciding which Boiler Stove from the Hamlet range is right for you, the size and heat output of the appliance should be taken into consideration. Factors such as the number of radiators in your home, the size of your hot water tank and the amount of hot water your family uses will also need to be considered.

Hamlet Boiler Stoves are some of the most compact Boiler Stoves on the market today, so they are the perfect choice if you have limited space. Their Inset Boiler Stoves offer a great option for people who would like a Boiler Stove to fit in their standard British Fireplace. Based on your requirements, you have a choice of Freestanding or Inset models.

The Freestanding models are available in a choice of sizes to suit any home. The outputs shown are based on burning solid fuel.

  • Solution Boiler 9 - 9kw output to water; 4.5kw heat output to room

  • Solution Boiler 12 - 12kw output to water; 6kw heat output to room

  • Solution Boiler 16 - 16kw output to water; 8kw heat output to room

If you would prefer a model which would fit nicely into an existing standard British fireplace, the following Inset Boiler Stoves are an ideal choice for your home. The outputs shown are based on burning solid fuel.

  • Solution Boiler Inset 9 - 9kw output to water; 4kw heat output to room

  • Solution Boiler Inset 12 - 12kw output to water; 5kw heat output to room

All of the Hamlet Boiler Stoves also offer:

  • Easy Boost – extra air inlet to be used during lighting and refuelling to get the fire up to temperature quickly and easily

  • Airwash system for sparkling clean glass

  • Top or rear flue fitting

  • Discretely positioned, fast acting, thermostatic control fitted as standard on all models

Whether you opt for the Freestanding Boiler Stove or the Inset Boiler Stove, we are sure that you will be more than happy with your choice. We can't think of a better way to enjoy the long Winter nights than in front of a roaring fire that looks as good as it feels!

For more information or advice to help you when choosing the right Boiler Stove for your home, come and visit our HETAS registered showroom. For more information about Hamlet Stoves, please click here. Our fully trained staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have and with more than 10 years of experience, you can be sure that we will help you to make the right choice for your home.

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