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Some Frequently Asked Questions From The North Wales Stoves Showroom

You've decided to buy a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove – what happens next? Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers to ensure that you are well informed and make the right choice when it comes to adorning your home with one of our stunning and efficient stoves.

Q – What kind of stove should I choose for my home?

A – The choice of stove you require will take several factors into account such as room size, size of opening to fit stove into, flue size, what fuel source you intend to use and whether you would like a traditional or contemporary stove. The size of the room your stove will be fitted in is doubly important as you will need to take into account how much heat you need to produce and what size of stove your room can accommodate.

Q - Can you supply spare parts for my wood-burning or multi-fuel stove?

A – Yes. A full range of spare parts for any of the stoves that we sell are available to order from us. We can also provide replacement heat resistant stove glass for almost any make or model of stove (a template may be required.)

Q - Can I buy wood and solid fuels from you for use in my stove?

A – Yes. We can supply you with everything you need to create a lovely, cosy atmosphere in your home. Please click here to visit our ebay store or contact us on 01745 822344.

Q - What if I want to collect my own firewood – can you help with that?

A - All wood that you burn in your stove must be seasoned and untreated. To season wood, you must leave it to dry out so that the wood has less than 20% of moisture remaining in it. Untreated wood means wood in its natural state – no chemicals, paints or stains should be burned in your stove as this will damage the appliance and void your warranty. For more information please click here to read our blog, Seasoning Your Own Wood At Home. For wood storage solutions, please click here to see our log stores.

Q – Do you sell fireside items such as fire guards?

A – Yes. We sell a range of accessories for your stove including fire guards, fireside companion sets and thermometers.

Q – Can I fit my own wood-burning or multi-fuel stove?

A – Yes. We offer advice on parts required and the process involved on stoves purchased from us even if you intend to fit the stove yourself. We also offer HETAS Certified installations where required.

If any questions you have aren't answered above, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team who will be happy to help you. To visit our website, please click here. To visit us at North Wales Stoves or to email us, please click here to be directed to our contact page. We look forward to helping you find the right stove for your home.

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