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Come Into The Warmth With Broseley Wood-Burning Stoves

The Broseley range of wood-burning stoves has something to offer everyone. Whether you are looking for a contemporary stove design or something a little more traditional, Broseley have designed stoves with you in mind. Take a look at the stoves below and find the right Broseley wood-burning stove for your home.

The Serrano 3 has a 3kW heat output to room. This stove has a slim profile which enables it to fit into smaller recesses than other stoves. With its sleek matt surface and rounded lines, this stunning wood-burning stove will suit any contemporary or traditional style home.

The Serrano 5 SE has a 5kW heat output to room. This wood-burning stove is suited to medium sized rooms and the design will sit beautifully in both a traditional or contemporary setting.

The Serrano 7 SE wood-burning stove has a hefty heat output to room of 7kW so is suited to larger rooms. The panoramic arched window will give you the perfect view of the flame picture and add not just heat but a lovely ambience to your room.

The Serrano 5 SE Log Store is a tall wood-burning stove that has a 5kW heat output to room. With its raised height, this stove gives you a different angle of the flame picture that will enchant you for hours. Better still, you can store your logs below the fire and not have to retreat to the cold to collect them from outside, giving you more time to enjoy your new wood-burner.

The Serrano 7 SE Log Store is taller and wider than the Serrano 5 SE but has the same benefit of keeping you indoors for longer with its ample log storage beneath the flames. With its 7kW heat output to room and stunning design, the Serrano 7 SE can heat large rooms and open plan spaces alike and look great while it does so.

The York Midi SE is a wood-burning stove that has a 5kW heat output to room. With its traditional design which is brought to life by its Regency style legs and architectural design at the top, this stove will add a touch of class to any small room.

The York Grande SE is a wood-burning stove with a 7kW heat output to room. The size and heat output of this stove makes it ideal for larger rooms with a traditional style. This stove has a traditional style to match your room which is enhanced by its elegant legs, making it a stunning addition to any home.

The Winchester wood-burning stove has a 9kW heat output to room which makes it ideal for larger rooms. Whatever angle you are sitting at, this beautiful stove has design features to delight you. This includes faceted windows at either side of the stove which allow your and your guests glimpses of the flames no matter where you are sat.

The Snowdon 26 SE wood-burning Boiler Stove is sturdy with an imposing presence. This large stove gives a heat output to room of 10kW and contributes a full 16 kW to the hot water system. This stove also gives you the option of either being integrated easily into an unvented combi-boiler system or traditional vented system with water tanks.

The Snowdon 30 wood-burning Boiler Stove is the most powerful stove in this range. This stove will bathe the largest room with warmth and power the whole central heating and hot water system. This stunning stove has a solid cast iron structure that hides within it a wrap-around boiler which provides an 8kW heat output to room and 22kW into the hot water system.

If you were wondering what the SE after some of the wood-burning stoves stands for, it's Smoke Exempt. Stoves in the SE range are environmentally responsible. This means that, when burning the recommended fuel, your stove is not only helping to protect the environment but it is also complying with Clean Air Laws. By burning wood, you are using a carbon-neutral fuel. The Broseley stoves in the SE range have met the standards set by DEFRA in their tests to ensure that stoves do not pollute our air.

As you can see, the team at Broseley have thought of everything when it comes to their wood-burning stoves. Whether you would like to heat a small, medium or large room, need a smoke exempt model or a Boiler Stove, a traditional or contemporary design, there is something in this collection for every home. For more details please click here to visit our website or click here to see directions to the North Wales Stoves Showroom. We look forward to helping you choose the right stove for your home.

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