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Introducing the Kelly Kettle at North Wales Stoves

Here at North Wales Stoves, we are always on the lookout for exciting new products to add to our fantastic range. We are pleased to announce that we are now proud suppliers of the Kelly Kettle! With fans such as Bear Grylls publicly announcing their love for this product, we are sure you will agree that the Kelly Kettle is a must for walkers, hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

The Kelly Kettle is used by people all over the world. It is lightweight, compact and versatile, with the ability to use any fuel you choose to carry or any natural kindling you find during your trip, including twigs and pine cones. You simply fill the fire base with your choice of fuel, fill the Kelly Kettle with water, place the kettle on the fire base and light it.

The Kelly Kettle has a rubber stopper for use when you are carrying water to your camp. Although the kettle is not specifically designed to carry water, the stopper will ensure you don't accidentally pour your water out while transporting it! The stopper must always be removed before you light your kettle as the steam created will not be able to escape otherwise.

The Kelly Kettle is designed to boil water quickly and in any weather. Even if there is a storm raging around you, the unique and clever design of the Kelly Kettle harnesses the wind to fan the flames and heat your water even quicker. There is no gas to blow out, no fuel line to damage and no chance of you being stranded without a heat source. As long as there is water in the kettle and fuel in the fire base, you're good to go!

The Kelly Kettle Comes in a choice of aluminium or stainless steel. Each kettle has a stainless steel fire base and comes with a drawstring carry bag. The Kelly Kettle comes in a choice of three sizes:

  • Small 'Trekker' Kelly Kettle 0.6ltr

  • Medium 'Scout' Kelly Kettle 1.2ltr

  • Large 'Base Camp' Kelly Kettle 1.6ltr

There are a range of accessories available for use with your Kelly Kettle:

  • Pot Support – slot this into the top of the chimney and cook/reheat small meals quickly

  • Cookset – contains pot and lid/frypan, grate (allows you to bbq) and gripper

  • Camp Cups – stainless steel cups with silicone handle and Coolip Guard to protect mouth

  • Plate/Bowl Set – stainless steel, durable plates, can also be used as pans

  • Hobo Stove – stable surface for pot/frypan, can also be used as a standalone fire base

We also have a complete Base Camp Kit and Scout Kit for sale. The Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit and Scout Kit offer you the chance to buy the basic survival kit that you need in one useful bundle, which saves you over £20 when you compare it to buying these items individually. The Base Camp Kit contains a 1.6ltr stainless steel Trekker Kelly Kettle, Cook Set (pot, lid/frypan, grate, gripper), Pot Support and drawstring Carry Bag. The Kelly Kettle Scout Kit contains a 1.2ltr Scout Kelly Kettle, the Cook Set (pot, lid/frypan, grate, gripper), Pot Support and drawstring Carry Bag.

As you can see, the Kelly Kettle is a must have for everyone who loves the outdoors. No matter when and where you choose to use it, you will be safe in the knowledge that it will always work every time. Come along and see it in action at the North Wales Stoves Showroom. For more information about our complete range of Kelly Kettle products, please click here to contact us or click here to see how to find us. We look forward to helping you choose the right Kelly Kettle for your needs.

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