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Introducing our range of wood-fired eco hot tubs

Eco Hot tubs have been used for many years in countries like Sweden and Canada, where they have long cold winters but want to enjoy more of the great outdoors. A hot tub is a fantastic way to relax and unwind in solitude, romantically or with family and friends and to make the most of using your outside space whatever the weather or time of day.

All wooden wood fired eco hot tubs can be used in any weather

Our Eco tubs are designed to be used ‘off grid.’ This means that they don’t need any plumbing in or electrical work to install them, they just need a hard area to stand on. This makes them an ideal addition to any home or indeed business. No filters or pumps means you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals and you can reuse the water on your own garden. Heated using the power of a stainless steel wood fired stove, Eco tubs also make a beautiful focal point and area to sit for those who do not fancy a dip.

Our larger tubs are also available with a choice of either an internal or external heater. Internal heaters reduce tub heating time but also reduce the seating area by 1-2 seats to allow space for the heater.

An internally heated tub with a liner has the fastest heat up time at around 2.5 hours for a Fibreglass lined deluxe tub that seats 6-8 people.

The rustic look of the wooden hot tub makes it a stunning feature in any outside area where it will compliment the natural tones of mother nature. Although Eco Tubs are traditionally constructed from 100% timber, they can now be purchased with a variety of liners such as Polypropylene and Fibreglass which can help to reduce heating and maintenance time, whilst still maintaining that natural rustic wooden tub look.

The timbers used in the construction of a wooden hot tub must have special qualities to prevent shrinkage and warping, for this reason timbers such as redwoods and pines are selected.

Our all wooden eco tubs come in a choice of Spruce or Larch. Spruce is ideal for a home hot tub because it is resistant to shrinking and keeps its shape well when used outdoors. It is less resinous than other commonly used woods which means the finish will remain spotless for longer. In addition to the practical qualities boasted by this timber, Spruce is also held in high regard by aromatherapy experts for its relaxing and healing qualities which include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and can aid the body in its natural healing process.

Larch is selected with longevity in mind. A naturally robust timber with a high density, it will stand up to the test of time due to its natural resistance to moisture and bacterial damage. When heated with warm water, Larch will naturally release phytoncides to help clear congested airways. In addition to its relaxing and revitalising properties, Larch is also said to help prevent and manage migraines, Hypertension and Neuroses.

Our Polypropylene lined tubs are available with a choice of coloured liners, wooden or poly covered seating and internal or external heaters. Available in Spruce, Larch, Thermowood or Oak. Thermowood is a pre treated timber that has had most of the moisture removed before use, this reduces the risk of shrinkage, warping and requires less maintenance than other timbers, which makes it a popular choice. Oak is a dense and strong hardwood, resistant to insect and fungal attack. It has beautiful grain markings which makes this timber particularly attractive.

Fibreglass lined tubs come in a choice of Spruce, Larch, Thermowood or Oak. Designed with an ergonomic seating area that reduces the amount of water required per fill by around 500l compared to our all wooden tubs, our Deluxe Fibreglass lined Eco tubs with integrated heater also have a warm seat over the heater. Fibreglass lined eco tubs are made with convenience in mind. They take less time to heat, less time to clean between uses and less annual maintenance, making them ideal for commercial use.

For your convenience, all of our tubs come with a free accessory pack as standard that includes all your essential extras such as Quality Wooden steps, Flue guard, a lid to help keep out any leaves or debris between uses and speed up heating time, a paddle to stir the water, a minibar, high flow drain tap, decorative trim and chimney heat guard.

For the month of March we are offering £200 off any of our Eco Tubs, so there has never been a better time to buy. And if you're still not sure then why not try our Eco Hot Tub hire? Eco tubs can be hired on a short term or long term basis. A great idea for a party, wedding, festival, or get together.

We also offer seasonal Eco hot tub rental for those considering a hot tub for their holiday let or Glamping business, with an option to buy or return the tub at the end of the holiday season.

With ‘Hot tub’ being one of the most searched for terms by those searching for a holiday in the UK, and market research suggesting that revenue on a single booking can be increased by up to 25% and out of season enquiries by up to 40%, it may be a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd whilst bringing added value to your business.

All wooden Eco Hot Tub

Visit our showroom to view or for more information or visit

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